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26 October 2007

24 Season 7 Preview: In Which Jack Bauer does Die Hard

Alright, except for the fact that this awfully feels like a Die Hard movie, I think the preview kicked ass. Hence, my face went like this:

Tony is back from the dead...and appears to be the bad guy. But I highly doubt that's the case. Please, let this season be as good as this trailer shows!

Watch here.


  1. oh my god! i sure hope season7 would live up to the fans' expectations... mine included!
    good to see chloe is still in the show... and tony....
    hindi pa pala nag stastart, sis... atat naman ako mashado... haha

    guess what, im on season 1 of 24 right now. would you believe yun ang season na hindi ko napanood ever... i loved season 2... yun ang like-est ko.
    season 6 was ok... not the best, definitely, but ok. twasnt as bad naman as they reviewed... but then again, im a fan...
    thanks for the trailer sis...

  2. Sis, pabaliktad noon mo? Hehe. I also liked Season 2 kahit sabi nila it's almost as bad as Season 6.

    Exciting yung trailer!