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11 November 2007

November 9 - Friday's Ratings

1. “Ghost Whisperer” (CBS) 9.93m
2. “Numb3rs” (CBS) 9.91m
3. “Women’s Murder Club” (ABC) 9.70m
4. “Deal or No Deal” (NBC) 9.57m
5. “Moonlight” (CBS) 7.96m
6. “20/20” (ABC) 7.04m
6. “Las Vegas” (NBC) 7.04m
8. “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” (FOX) 6.30m
9. “Men in Trees” (ABC) 6.16m
10. “Friday Night Lights” (NBC) 5.60m
11. “Friday Night Smackdown!” (8-10) (CW) 4.50m
12. “The Next Great American Band” (FOX) 2.69m

Hmmm...I have not seen an episode of Ghost Whisperer. Maybe I should also start on this series?

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