30 July 2007

Random TV Blurbs

There are a million of things I'm supposed to be watching yesterday. But I instead spent my time playing this on the computer with my 9year old and the hubby.

We're a family of OCs (obsessive-compulsive) -- my husband, my son and myself. Can you imagine what our household is like? Power struggle. Yeah.

A game like this is something the three of us enjoy best. We're currently trying to build one civilization together. I don't have to bore you with the details of the game, but there's bloodbath and rebellion. And that's not even in game, it was among us three. Hah!


I happen to channel surf to Studio 23 while Gilmore Girls was on a couple of days ago. Don't have any idea what season was airing and I forgot how long it's been since I last watched an episode of the show.

The scene I caught was that of Rory returning home from London for the holidays. Lorelei meets her the front of the house and they engage in this exchange, this conversation.

Those girls talk a mile a minute (!!!) and here I was, a non-regular viewer caught in between --- annoyed yet amused. Have they always talked like that? Like two chatting crickets? (Do crickets "chat"? LOL!) I failed to notice it before. I found myself unable to switch channels because something was beckoning me to just watch them.

It was like watching a marathon. I wanted to see who gets to talk last and then breathe.

Also on Studio 23 later tonight, 9:30 PM --- Brothers & Sisters (the second episode). I'm gonna watch it again. This show is like therapy for me.


Experiencing Sopranos withdrawal. Found my fix in this series:

Started with a couple of episodes earlier. Loving it. It's a lot more complex than Sopranos.

The Sopranos tried hard at keeping their family together and covering up each others' mess. In Brotherhood, it's quite the opposite and it's harder for one of the brothers since he is a government official, while his older brother is in the Irish Mafia.


For viewing later today....if I don't get pulled into playing CivCity Rome!

Still waiting for the Battlestar Galactica - Season One DVD to arrive. Watching clips on Youtube instead. Takam na ako!

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