24 July 2007

Preview: Chuck

Move over John Dorian...someone else might be snatching that "uncool" tag from you. His name is Chuck (played by Zachary Levi). And his story unveils on September 24 at NBC.

Chuck is a tech geek who doesn't have a social life. His sister tries to match him up with other women, but Chuck is -- Not. An. Interesting. Dude. Until one day, he receives this encoded email from his old college buddy, who Chuck thought was an accountant, but turns out to be a government spy. The email contains government secrets. Lots of it. And then things start to happen. And then it gets exciting for Chuck...and also for the story.

This series is not an intensified conspiracy drama, I should say that. On the contrary, it's a comedy; one that delivers the funnies quite well. I enjoyed the quips and the silliness of it. Except, I find the female supporting character (Yvonne Strzechowski) less credible and it isn't her fault. It's just me. For some reason I see her as someone who does not command a secret agent 'tude but instead brings this Elle Woods vibe for me.

Also in the cast is Adam Baldwin, a cult-fan favorite thanks to Firefly. In Chuck, he plays John Casey, also a secret agent (mercenary?) who provides the balance to this ensemble.

We have the beauty, the geek and the Adam Baldwin.

Could this be the surprise hit of the coming season?

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