19 July 2007

Scoop Galore

So what's in store for two of Drama's Best?

Brothers & Sisters

Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) joins the cast in Season 2. He will play Sen. McAllister's campaign manager and will hook up with Sally Field's character, Nora Walker. Nora Walker, meantime, will keep herself busy running a blog dedicated to American soldiers, seeing that her youngest son, Justin, is still in Iraq fighting for his country.

Friday Night Lights

Season 2 will open eight months after, with Tami already in labor.
The Taylors immediately go into a five-ep arc about whether or not they made a mistake entering into this long-distance relationship. Tami’s dealing with an infant and a teenage daughter who’s "acting out more than she ever has," while Eric is dealing with "what college football is like and coaching there and not being the head guy in charge. A lot of interesting dynamics come out of that." According to Katims, "Eric and Tami are gonna be intensely connected from the beginning" of the season, rather than being separated into discrete stories or having an over-the-phone relationship. --- E!Online
Jason's health improves. His relationship with Lyla and Tim also improves. His relationship with the Dillon Panther's new coach thought? Not good. Casting for who this new coach will be is on-going and we'll hear about it in the next couple of days.

Landry and Tyra? Super close, like two brackets together --- []. Hehehe. Can't believe the guy snags one hot girl. Yey for him!

More spoilerooooos ---

Grey's Anatomy

Mer, Izzie and Christina become mentors to the new interns, including George (who as we know, failed his internship).

They are casting a male doctor, someone in his 50's, preferably hot. Hey, what about George Clooney?! He once played a doctor. Is he in his 50's??... I'm kidding. :D

Prison Break

I am quite unsure of how reliable this is but, what else could go wrong for Prison Break? Apparently this:
*extra juicy* I couldn't confirm it with official sources but it looks like they are recasting Sara Tancredi. Could it be that the actress, after giving birth, decided to take care of her baby and not come back to the show? Sara is set to make her first season appearance in episode 3, where we will see her next to a young male character we have seen many times before. --- Isabella of BuddyTV

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