20 July 2007

Big Brother 8 - JENius Tumultuous Week

Earlier, I wrote about Jen, this ultra self-centered house guest in Big Brother USA. As much as I like her the least (so far), having her in the house makes the show very, very interesting. Especially with what has happened this week --- when Jen became the Head of Household.

In Big Brother USA, every week, house guests compete to become the "leader" of the house. Becoming the leader means he or she gets to nominate two people for eviction. Jen nominates the father and daughter team of Dick and Danielle. Jen says that she nominated them both because they bring too much negativity in the house, what with their strained relationship and all. But what everybody knows is this obvious truth:
  • That Jen nominated Dick because they just cannot get along, and Dick tells it to her face.

Dick to Jen: Nobody likes you here. Why don't you just leave? I fucking hate you.

Yup that's what that pixelation in the photo is for. He said the F word, addressed to Jen. Haha. Don't let these two people out, just yet. Me want to see more fighting.
  • That Jen nominated Danielle because she is jealous of her. See, Jen likes Nick and made up a story about Nick trying to kiss her earlier. Nick didn't try to kiss her and has in fact confronted Jen about it. Nick is actually falling for Danielle.

Danielle has a boyfriend outside.

So, then now comes the Veto competition.

In Big Brother USA, a Veto competition is held in the middle of the week for the nominees (2), the Head of Household (1) and three other house guests. They will compete for the veto medal, which is a chance for one of the six to change the nominations the Head of Household has made. Those who have been nominated get a chance to put themselves off the chopping block.

Before the competition, Jen approaches one player, Amber... and told her not to try and change her nomination. Because if she did, Jen will take out Amber, or someone close to her (Dustin).

What Jen didn't know (because Jen only thinks of Jen) is that Amber's one sensitive chick, who since Day 1, has already been crying about the littlest things!!! And being in this veto competition is adding pressure for Amber because she is also close to both Dick and Danielle. Who will she save if she wins the veto?

Amber's dilemma and the fact that Jen tells her what to do, causes a big drama inside the house, leading Danielle to confront Jen, and then Dick to confront Jen....which also led Joe to confront Jen and someone else; which domino-ed and led Jameka to confront Zack.


Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! LOL!

Anyway, eventually Danielle wins the veto, much to Jen's dismay. Danielle takes herself out of the nomination block. So Jen has to nominate another person --- Joe, who is clearly the one going home this week since Dick has more people on his side than Joe.

This is perhaps the most exciting week for Big Brother, since 2005. The best part of it has to be this bonding time with the dad and the daughter, where Dick gives Danielle some fatherly advise, now that she is developing this relationship with Nick inside the house:

Other house mates everywhere ought to listen to what Dick said about falling in love inside the house.