25 July 2007

Preview: Pushing Daisies

I knew it. I am going to love this series.

If there's one thing to describe Pushing Daisies, it is that it's overflowing with cuteness. But mind you, the writing is not at all cutesy. On the contrary, it's sharp and very funny.

Pushing Daisies will perhaps remind you of the movie Amelie. It carries a very sad theme --- death and intimacy, or in Ned's case, the lack of it. But it is told in this really whimsical way, with a colorful fairytale setting to boot.

The pilot episode is nothing but brilliant. The delivery awoke the child in me...because it felt as if someone was telling me a bedtime story.

Such a magical feeling.

Lee Pace (Ned) and Anna Friel (Chuck) are both adorable, separately or together. They make quite a good pair on TV. (I thought that the girl was Zooey Deschanel! I was mistaken.)

Pushing Daisies will be my favorite, that I can say with certainty now. It's refreshing to have something like this on TV. I cannot wait for this to air.

Pushing Daisies premieres on ABC, with a (tentative?) pilot date of Sept. 26. October 3 is its confirmed pilot airing.

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Watch the TV preview here.