27 July 2007

Preview: Bionic Woman

Oh, I was disappointed.

When Bionic Woman jumped from one building to the next, it didn't carry that background sound I remember from the old series, the 70's version (ngiyaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw). That's the way we kids used to play Bionic Woman then, with that matching sound effect. Mwahaha.

Seriously, I was disappointed. It was as if most of the actors in this series are bionic themselves. Their eyes, their expressions, their dialogue delivery were robotic.

In the updated version, Bionic Woman Jamie Sommers (played by British actress Michelle Ryan) wakes up in secluded facility to discover that her fiance, a surgeon-teacher-government scientist, has replaced her arms, legs, right eyes and ears with bionic implants after a horrific car accident, without her knowledge or consent.

Jamie escapes the facility and goes back to her regular life as a bartender. Meanwhile the people that operated on her keeps a watchful guard. Still getting used to her "powers" (kinda like Terminator at one point), she comes face to face with a woman just like her, the first bionic model (Sarah), and she is determined to destroy the bionic project. Sarah is a more enhanced version of Jamie. She's got bionic boobs for chrissake. LOL! Alright, bionic chest.

Realizing that the bionic life ain't so bad after all, Jamie decides to accept how she is and agrees to work with the people that made her, to try and track Sarah with bionic boobs.

The current version, to begin airing on NBC on September 26, is said to carry a different story than the the 70's version. A lot of it was altered, and in fact, more changes are still taking place (e.g. cast replacements and character rewrites). The version I watched will not be final one that will pilot in September.

This series hopes to capture viewers the same way Heroes did. But something just ain't right with it yet. So, perhaps it's best to lower expectations for Bionic Woman. If they do it right, what with all the rewrites and changes taking place, Jamie Sommers could be the next Sydney Bristow.

Ngiyaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw...