26 July 2007

Preview: Californication

Californication lives up to its title. In the pilot episode alone, the lead character, Hank, fornicates with more than three (or four? I lost count) times, separate women all.

The series stars David Duchovny (Xfiles) as a writer who is going through a crisis of self-identity. Once successful (his book was turned into a movie), we find Hank sex-obsessed, separated from his wife and daughter and in need of a career direction or make-over.

I think I have little respect for Duchovny's character, a classic douchebag. But after viewing Californication's pilot epsiode... as an actor, I have to say that I have new found respect for David Duchovny. His take on his role is hilarious, it's harder to hate that bitter douchebag.

The surprise for me though is this girl:

Madeline Zima

You'll probably remember her as the youngest one in this photo:

Yes, she is that little girl in The Nanny.

In Californication, she's all grown up now....all grown up and does this with Duchovny:

It took me awhile to recognize her, so imagine my astonishment. But I quickly got over that because there are finer things to be astonished about in this TV series. Californication is unusual. The dialogues are in-your-face. Like for instance:

Ex-wife to Hank: You smell like pussy
Daughter to Hank: Father, why does her vagina have no hair?

I had little clue to what this series is all about before I started watching it. I expected something dark and gloomy (ala The Riches or Meadowlands). But instead found myself laughing at the uproariousness of it.

Californication airs August 13th on Showtime.

Details of the show here.

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