02 July 2007

Road to Emmy's Top 10 Finalists

There's about 20 days or so before the official Emmy nominees are announced, but the semi-finalist list has been released. Here it is below. I'll take a shot and choose the shows I think will make it to finals:

Boston Legal ("Angel of Death")
Dexter ("Born Free")
Friday Night Lights (Pilot)
Grey's Anatomy ("From A Whisper to A Scream")
Heroes ("Genesis")
House ("Half-wit")*
Lost ("Through the Looking Glass")
Rome ("De Patre Vostro")
The Sopranos ("Soprano Home Movies")
24 ("Day 6: 6 a.m. - 7 a.m.")

Not Nominated:
Rescue Me
The Tudors
The Shield
Brothers & Sisters
Gilmore Girls
Battlestar Galactica
The Riches

Based on the episodes, I would go for FNL, Lost, Rome and Sopranos. Maybe Dexter and Heroes. No Emmy Nomination for Brothers & Sisters? !@#!#%!#%$@%

Desperate Housewives ("It Takes Two")
Entourage ("One Day in the Valley")
Extras ("Daniel Radcliffe")
My Name is Earl ("The Trial")
The Office ("The Coup")
Scrubs ("My Musical")
30 Rock ("Hard Ball")
Two and a Half Men (??)
Ugly Betty (Pilot)
Weeds ("Cooking with Jesus")

Not Nominated:
The New Adventures of Old Christine
How I Met Your Mother
Everybody Hates Chris

Based on the episodes, I would go for The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty. Only saw 6 shows on this list. [Dear god, I've been watching a lot of drama series, haven't I?]

Did your favorites make it? This will be narrowed down to five per category, when the nominees are announced third week of July.