03 July 2007

Spoiler Alert: Grey's Anatomy Season 4

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an official source, just passing what I read from all over.

Wanted: Since Lexi Grey will become a series semi-regular (to compete with Meredith) producers are also looking to add a new male character, who will not necessarily compete with McDreamy for Meredith's attention but he will be there to raise the hot guy meter for this show. What "Mc" name will they come up with for whoever he is, I wonder?

Kristin from E! reports:
I'm hearing [that George and Callie's relationship] is proving quite a difficult puzzle for Shonda Rhimes, who is fully aware of the fan backlash over last season's George and Izzie hookup and has been doing quite a few rewrites
Season opener will carry this story (open to rewrites, of course)

Clara, who is with her two young children, discuss the status of her husband Henry with one of the doctors. Henry has suffered extremely traumatic injuries during a car accident. The doctor says that the only thing holding Henry's head to his body is skin and muscle and that he will surely died very soon, even with surgery. A boy brings a near-dead racoon to Seattle Grace in the hope they will be able to save it. His father wants his son to grow up and stop living in a make-believe world. Some of the doctors need to deal with new stressed out interns. One of the interns will help deliver a baby. --- Spoilerfix