01 July 2007

Burn Notice

I've got another one on my watchlist --- Burn Notice. It kinda reminded me of the movie Grosse Point Blank. For one thing, the lead character is sexy (whoohooo! hormone alert!). Also, he has a different brand of humor, my favorite brand actually - sarcasm and wit. And in this series, he's an ex-CIA agent. Actually, a fired CIA agent. Hence the title: Burn Notice, which is like what happens to the Mission Impossible crew when they've been disavowed of any knowledge or activity. Capice?

What else will Burn Notice remind you of?

  • because there's this narration. Michael, the lead character, tells you the secrets of the CIA trade by telling his story.
  • because it is set in Miami, like Dexter.

Monk and Psyche
  • because this show is brought to you by the letters U, S and A. As in USA Network. Where Monk and Psyche air. And where crime-series aren't "serious, mind-wracking" crime-series ala CSI. Shall we say crime-series lite?

  • because he does a MacGyver, duh. He puts things together to make his own spy stuff.

You remember Gabrielle Anwar? Scent of a Woman? Dances with a drunken Al Pacino? She's in the show too, watch her scene:

I know! I was also surprised it was her. She speaks with an accent (or is that really how she speaks???) And she looks....all dried up. What happened? Al Pacino sucked her scent dry from that one and only movie most people recognize of her?

She's also in the latter part of the series The Tudors.

Anyway, Burn Notice...the guy lead, Jeffrey Donovan and this series? Not necessarily awe-inspiring. But there's something about him and the show. Some people get away with looking really good because they know how to carry themselves even if they're not the most gorgeous out there. Burn Notice is like that. If you're looking for something to watch while the other shows are on hiatus, this is worth a try.

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