24 July 2007

Movie Time, Music Time, Changing Times

MOVIE TIME: Watched these movies with my 9-year old over the last two weekends. It was he who asked that we should watch it. Lately, he's been exhibiting this fondness for movies. And now looks forward to weekends at the movie house or watching some at home.

Watched when the little one has gone to bed...

MUSIC TIME: Found my 9year old listening to my husband's iPod, which had songs from these artists:

He says he digs it. I am bewildered. But we ended up listening to it together.

CHANGING TIMES: My 9 year old stayed late at school because there was a school affair. He brought his cellphone with him (which he rarely ever uses, really... just for days like this) but then he tells me --- "Mom, don't call me at school, ha? I'll call you." And of course, he only called just once to tell me he has boarded the school service and is going home for dinner.


My baby is growing up.