12 July 2007

Focus on the actress who is Lexie Grey

No wonder she's sort of familiar to me, this actress, Chyler Leigh. She, of course, shall be more familiar to everyone watching Grey's Anatomy next season, as she will play Meredith's half sister.

I've seen her in Reunion, a TV show canceled in 2005 by Fox for not rating well. And I thought she was the one who could carry that show. Has that Jennifer Garner vibe, too.

A clip from that show:

Here's Reunion's synopsis c/o IMDb:
A relentless New York City police detective, named Ken Marjorino (Mathew St. Patrick), arrives in the town of Bedford, New York, to investigate the murder of a mysterious person at a 20th high school reunion. Through Marjorino's interviews with the suspects, the stories takes us back 20 years starting in 1986 where six close friends graduated from high school. They include good-natured and ambitious, blue-collared Will Malloy (Will Estes); wealthy and snobbish, white-collared Craig Brewster (Sean Faris); overachieving but direction less Aaron Lewis (Dave Annable); Craig's girlfriend Samantha Carlton (Alexa Davalos) who dreams of becoming a doctor; Samantha's best friend Carla Noll (Chyler Leigh) a struggling photographer; and the hip Jenna Moretti (Amanda Righetti) who's obsessed with becoming a world-famous actress. With each flashback we learn more about Will, Craig, Aaron, Samantha, Carla and Jenna over their various directions they take with their lives. With each passing year that we observe, it brings up more questions. Of the six, which one was murdered? Which one committed the crime and why? Why are the five remaining friends in the present seem to know what's going on and who are they trying to protect? What is Detective Marjorino's connection with one or more of the friends? Most of all, who is the mysterious and unseen 'third party' whom is anonymously sending the five remaining friends blackmail notes saying I-know-which-one-of-you-did-it.

The series didn't even have a decent closure when it got canceled.

In real life, Chyler Leigh, 25, is married to actor Nathan West. They have two kids.

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