27 July 2007

Preview: Lipstick Jungle

Alright, this confirms it. I've outgrown Candace Bushnell.

This new TV series, Lipstick Jungle, which is based from Bushnell's book (written after SATC) is so far the worst I've seen from the previews of upcoming TV shows this fall season.

Lipstick Jungle follows three women, all with very demanding jobs and social status:

Victory (Lindsay Price)
- a fashion designer
- who is developing this relationship with a billionaire (Andrew McCarthy)

Wendy (Brooke Shields)
- a movie production executive
- with 3 kids and a husband who wants to divorce her

Nico (Kim Reaver)
- a fashion magazine editor
- with a husband who hardly notices her, so she sets out to have an affair with a man younger than her

They are three of the 50 most powerful women in New York, or so says the magazine that featured them at the beginning of the episode.

Bleh. I don't even know where to start pointing out what is wrong with the series. It felt pretentious and was unfunny. I cannot relate to any of these women, supposedly representing my contemporaries. This recycled Sex and The City is that horrible for me.

Lipstick Jungle will air on NBC midseason....which gives them enough time to retool the show and do something better --- change cast, change script, change production, change whatever...what they have right now is not going to work.

Lipstick Jungle is expected to be pitted against Cashmere Mafia (ABC), another new series about four powerful women.

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