07 July 2007

Spoiler Alert:: Heroes Season 2 , Ugly Betty Season 2, Brothers & Sisters Season 2

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an official source, just passing what I read from all over.


Here's what we have so far:

New characters galore!
  • Maya - Hispanic - played by Maya Ramirez
  • Kane - Supposedly "ageless", like he's 1000 years old in the series but doesn't look like it
  • Princess Kirayama - Japanese
  • Kincaid - NYPD
  • April & May - cheerleaders
  • Blackie - Irish mobster
  • Micah's surrogate mom
Some of them are people with special abilities, some aren't. The episode will start four months after, with a focus on Claire.

Ugly Betty

No more BeNry. TV Guide's Ausiello reports:
It may be over before it began for Betty and Henry. I hear producers are bringing on a new twentysomething love interest for America Ferrera. The character's name is Gio, and he runs the sandwich cart at "Mode." He's described in the script as "ambitious, aggressive and lovable," and it sounds like he'll be sticking around all season.

"Mode" is staffing up, adding a new female editor who is stylish and pretty and very knowledgeable about fashion.
Brothers & Sisters

Joe is gone. Really. The actor, John Pyper-Ferguson, is not returning to the show for Season 2.

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