22 July 2007

Mad Men: Men Behaving Badly

Mad Men, short for Madison Ave. Men, is a drama set in the 1960's about advertising executives working in, where else but Madison Ave. (which is the premiere location for the best advertising people in the world.)

As this series aims to show --- working in advertising, in corporate New York much less, is as brutal as politics. Men here are depicted as chauvinistic pigs (it's amusing because today gay people rule advertising!) and women are treated as second-class citizens. And elsewhere, everybody smoked cigarettes and tobacco companies are making lots of money.

The series portrays everything that is wrong in this world, issues that people of the new millennium are trying to make right.

The story line is too deep for me to invest into at the moment. But don't get me wrong, it looks like it will be a very captivating series, the story is indeed intriguing. The cinematography and costumes are actually very appealing. But I'm just not looking for something heavy to watch at this time. Although plenty people are liking this series:
The series airs on AMC.

Rosemarie Dewitt is the only familiar face to me in this series' cast, having seen her work in Standoff.

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