28 July 2007

Cute and Crappy

2nd Viewing - Pushing Daisies: My pie-loving son, who is 9 years, 39 weeks, 79 days, x hours old (I stopped counting...) LOVED IT. If you watch the show ---airing in October in the USA, Canada & the UK --- you will understand the significance of what I just wrote. :) My son says the sunflower field was a tad too corny, but everything else about the series is cute. I asked him to rate it from 1-5, with 5 the highest and of course he gives it 5. This show will be a big hit, I dare say.

Speaking of cute...my niece (12-days old) and her parents left for the province already (to my sis-in-law's family). Kinda sad to see them gone, but what have I got to fret about....they will be back very, very soon for check-ups. I'm pretty sure that after three weeks, my niece will be bigger. In fact, in just 12 days she already gained weight and grew longer.

Speaking of sad...saw two more pilot episodes early today. One is dispensable and the other, forgettable:
  • The Big Bang Theory - about 2 geeks who become friends with a female hottie. The laugh track bothered me. One of the geeks isn't as convincing. Bearable but nothing to be excited about.
  • Cavemen - about 3 buddies who look like prehistoric cavemen but are living in the present times (genetic problem?). I do not get the appeal of this show, if there's any.
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