23 July 2007

Preview: Reaper

Making its small screen debut on Sept. 25 via CW, comedy series Reaper didn't get me all too excited. Even if it was directed by Kevin Smith. But plenty of people who have already seen it are raving about it.

The appeal comes from the fact that it's an eccentric comedy.

The story is about a young man (Sam), whose soul was sold to the devil by his parents, even when Sam wasn't born yet. On his 21st birthday, Sam learns he is to be Satan's bounty hunter. He is instructed to bring lost souls back to hell (coz apparently they can escape from there). And the Devil (who I find to be very sympathetic and "nice" ...which is probably what ruined it for me) gifts him with this ultra-high powered vacuum cleaner (just like the ones from GhostBusters) to be able to do his job.

Sam (Brett Harrison) is stereotypically depicted as having no ambition in life, but destined for extra-ordinary things. In contrast, his sidekick and best friend - Sock, is boxed as a character who brings the silly factor to the show.

But I wasn't amused at all.

Maybe I don't get this show yet. Huh.

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Show schedule: September 25, Tuesday 9/8C CW