15 July 2007


A dash of Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared, a sprinkle of Legally Blonde or Mean Girls...and what do you get? This new TV Series from ABC-Family called GREEK.

I was expecting something bad about Greek but instead, I quite enjoyed the first episode. There isn't anything new about this show, really. It's like the updated 2007 version of every college movie or tv series you've ever watched, combined. And it is full of stereotypes.

Being slightly evasive of TV series set in school (see past blog entries), what was I doing watching this show? I wanted to see this so I can watch Kelsey Grammer's daughter (Spencer Grammer), who plays the female lead, Casey. That was my main reason. And fortunately for me, Greek had a few surprises in store...and so I spent an hour's worth enjoying my TV vieiwing.

Spencer Grammer isn't bad at acting, actually. She's not quite the thespian like her Dad, but I did not find myself twitching or shaking my head in disgust at her performance (see Kristin Kreuk hah!). She was, in fact, believable to me.

What Greek has made me do, though, is to also go and finish watching Undeclared.

Here is Greek's promo video:

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