21 July 2007

Prison Break 3: Casting Sara Tancredi

News about Sarah Wayne Callies not returning to Prison Break 3 has been finally cleared. She is not leaving the show but has yet to begin shooting her scenes after her maternity leave. Prison Break has began filming early this month.
The "Sara" being cast is only being cast as a temporary lookalike to [Sarah Wayne Callies] for the purposes of the episodes leading up through Ep.03x03. The actress will have shadows blocking her face or her features will be turned away from the camera during filming in order to camouflage her as the real "Sara." Sarah Wayne Callies is NOT leaving the show and will be back filming for Ep. 03x04<. Although SWC will be on maternity leave, she has already taped voiceovers in order to keep Sara's voice the same as the director and producers want to keep the stand-in as secret as a stunt double is in the show...ultimately hoping the audience doesn't notice a thing different about the two Sara's. --- SpoilerFix
The season premiere of Prison Break will open with Bellick and Sapo (new character) in Sona Penitentiary. T-bag is also at the Sona and is part of a different gang (Lechero). Michael will long for the sanity of Fox River over Sona. He teams up with Mahone and meets Lechero, who teaches them how things are done over at Sona.