23 July 2007


Kidnapped - The Complete SeriesKidnapped is a series that reminds me a lot of the movie, Ransom. It is very similar in that it follows the movie even down to the ending --- when it was finally revealed who the real bad guy was.

To compensate, Kidnapped did have a very strong cast led by:
  • Timothy Hutton (I used to confuse him with Tom Hanks back in the 80's!)
  • Dana Delany (love her in this series!)
  • Jeremy Sisto (who is more familiar to me as that deranged junkie-brother from Six Feet Under).
In Kidnapped, Sisto is a bad ass who works as a freelance kidnap victim "recoverer" ...or whatever his job description should be. He has the right nose and the best intuition for the job. And for conflict, his character did not like playing by the rules... which makes his scenes very interesting and exciting. Also in the cast is Delroy Lindo, who is (trivia! trivia!) originally part of the movie Ransom and played almost the same role in this series! (Hello, stereotype?) He is the FBI agent Sisto's character has to work hand in hand with for this case.

The kidnapped victim is the son of one of New York's premiere business men (played by Hutton); a business man who got to where he is by virtue of marriage --- Hutton's character is married to a socialite, old money (Delaney).

All in all, I found Kidnapped not to be an entirely compelling series. It's worth watching, alright. But it doesn't have the same intensity as 24, which is somewhat how this show was played out.

Somewhere in the middle, the story felt like an extended episode of Without a Trace or Law and Order. But still, it is a shame a series like this was not given the chance to develop into what it should be. Because after about five episodes (out of 13) the show was already canceled. Perhaps if the show had enough exposure, it could have become, potentially, one of the best series of 2006.

Kidnapped, the full series, is already out on DVD: Kidnapped - The Complete Series

It is currently airing on local cable AXN.

The series originally aired on NBC in September 2006.

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