01 August 2007

Kids are kids. Boys will be boys.

I interrupt the program for some mommy-related news story. :)

TV matter first: My son has taken to watching Everyday Italian on the the Lifestyle Network. Everyday.

In as much as he has developed this fondness for watching movies, he's also starting to appreciate good cooking, Italian food specifically. He's taking after me in terms of these. We usually like the same things now, I have discovered. There's a part of who I am already showing in his personality even as people say he is every bit like his dad.

But his new TV viewing habit is not what my story is for today. So, let's move on...

Today's actual story: When I was about 10 years old, I heard my teacher telling my mom in one of those PTA meetings that kids act so differently in school and in their own house. I know that to be true. There really are kids who are more vocal and outgoing in school but behave as introverts at home, and vice versa. Yesterday, I have come to believe this fact even more.

And I should not have been very surprised, really. Because, as I've said --- I know this to be true.

I just wasn't prepared for it.

But first, to give you an idea of how my son is at home --- he's a very laid back, passive, introverted, disciplined, well-behaved person. He plays in one corner, makes a mess in one corner and cleans up after himself in one corner. On the other hand, there's a side of him that's very gregarious and gets easily excited, especially when his cousins are around.

But if all the kids in our family are together (and you should know what that is like!), my son, in this house, with the family, isn't the instigator of naughtiness. In fact, he's the first one to tell his cousins to stop goofing when things go out of control. In my family, everyone knows my son is the well-disciplined one. In a family gathering, you will never my catch my son being loud and all over the place, as some kids usually are. I don't mean that to be wrong for kids to do. I just mean that my son isn't oriented that way.

Or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise when yesterday, he returned home from school and told me of this video clip his classmates took of them which was uploaded on the internet. I grabbed it and uploaded it in my own account. (Sssshhh!)

The great thing was, he let me watch it because initially I thought that he was gonna keep it a secret from me or something. The suspicious thing was, he didn't want to watch it with me but instead went to another room when I told him I was gonna view it.

And here's why (watch it all the way through to really know why):

Yep, that's my boy. Kulit ba?

When he knew that I had finished watching, this is how our conversation went:

Son: Mommy, are you mad?
Me: I cannot be mad now. (Even if I wanted to get mad, I really could not). But now I know what happened to your uniform. Do you do this a lot at school?
Sean: Mommy, I swear that was one time only!!
Me: Do you know what happens when I wash your clothes? The water turns black.
Sean: Nooo.
Me: Yes!....Next time it gets really dirty, you should wash it yourself.

Hahaha. Was that cruel of me? Of course, that was a baseless threat my son knows I will not follow through.

Haay, kids.

I do know he's just behaving like any typical boy. That's how kids are when their parents (the police!) aren't around. And I should be thankful this is just a video of him being playful and mischievous. It could have been a lot worse.

But, oh dear lord, my laundry!!! LOL!

Now that this is immortalized on the internet, when my son is all grown up and starts complaining how his own kids are very kulit ---I will have this to show them.


Oh, one more story to add to this. Last night while I was preparing dinner and my son was doing his assignments he asked me this:

Son: Mommy, the plural of man is mEn, right?
Me: Yep
Son: The plural of woman is womEn.
Me: Yep
Son: If man is men, woman is women....why is human = humans and not humEn?
Me: ..... because that's what people in the old civilization thought of! And we cannot change that.

That, by the way, is my classic answer when I don't know what to say anymore.