28 July 2007

Pushing Daisies Frenzy

I'm going all out with this one. I'd hate to think viewers will not be able to appreciate this show because it's "just too quirky". They should be able to appreciate it "inspite" being exactly that. C'mon people, go on edge, have a little variety with your TV viewing choices. Embrace the quirky! :)

The 411:
Pushing Daisies
  • Airing on ABC - October 3, 2007 8 PM, Wednesday
  • It will air before Private Practice which is at 9 PM.
  • It's toughest rating competition is Deal or No Deal on NBC, a show that rates well with viewers.
  • It is up against new TV shows --- Kid Nation on CBS and Back To You on Fox (which I'm looking forward to as well)
  • The time slot used to carry Lost, which will not premiere until Feb. 2008.
  • Anna Friel as Charlotte "Chuck" Charles (British Actress)
  • Chi McBride as Emerson Cod (House viewers will recognize him as Vogler; also a Boston Public cast member)
  • Jim Dale as Narrator (who is the narrator for Harry Potter audio books)
  • Kristin Chenoweth as Olive (theater actress)
  • Lee Pace as Ned (from Wonderfalls)
Now, imagine for a minute that what I'm about to share next is as scrumptious looking as Ned's pies (as seen in photo), in the hopes of whetting your viewing appetite.
  • Newsday picks Pushing Daises as one of the ten most buzzed about new shows of 2007 ---
5. "Pushing Daisies," ABC, Wednesdays at 8 p.m. One of the great over-the-top pilots of the new season, "Daisies" is so visually distinct, so curiously bizarre, so intermittently morbid that this could be the most talked-about show of the new season. Ned (Lee Pace) touches dead things and brings them back to life, and - one can imagine - the practical applications for this talent are enormous. Big stars also abound (Chi McBride, Swoosie Kurtz, Anna Friel).
  • TV Critic Matt Roush pushes for Pushing Daisies ---
Now to Pushing Daisies and its entirely different, thoroughly unique look and vibe. Diving into this enchanting show is like gorging on a delicious dessert with each bite giving off a new and unexpected pleasure. It’s charmingly written by Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Heroes) and stylishly directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black), who promises to stay involved with this show longer than he did in his earlier forays into distinctive TV (Karen Sisco, Maximum Bob, The Tick). They achieve a tone that is part storybook fantasy (narrated by Jim Dale, every bit as engaging as he is on the Harry Potter audiobooks), part unrequited love story, part wacky comedy, part whodunit procedural.
Naturally some will question whether the premise can sustain itself, and others will wonder if viewers will embrace the series in sufficient numbers. Don’t care. It’s great TV and takes a risk.
  • IGN: Life and Death with Pushing Daisies ---
Because the two leads have such a great chemistry, and yet cannot touch, the inevitable question came up of when will the audience actually see them kiss? Will we have to wait all the way to the end of the series? Fuller explained: "We're going to have a lot of fun with prophylactics, Saran wrap kisses. We're going to see them dancing in beekeeper suits. We're going to go a long way in doing everything we can to get them to touch each other that's not flesh to flesh. And I think if the show will end—hopefully, it will never end—but if it does end, it will probably end with a kiss."
Have I pimped this show enough? :D

My preview thoughts here.