15 July 2007

Dead Like Me The Movie

So canceled TV series, Dead Like Me is being made into a movie? Hmmmm...

I was introduced to this show some years back but never got to finish the 2nd Season. The concept of the show is pretty extraordinary. The cast is made up of grim reapers. Yes, that's it - Death themselves. Except they don't wear cloaks and aren't into Skeletar costumes. They look like regular people. But with extra-ordinary jobs.
a reaper's job is to remove the souls of people, preferably right before they die, and escort them until they move on into their afterlife --- Wikipedia.
In this video below, we learn that backlogs can also happen with a reaper's job. And I thought that one's only very specific to phone companies (hah!):

The show has a cult following, perhaps the ones most looking forward to the movie. The movie though will be released directly on DVD and some of the actors are not going to be part of the cast, including Mandy Patinkin who was, incidentally, just the other day, released from Criminal Minds.

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