07 July 2007

Big Brother Knows CONFLICT!

USA, Season 8 - a very interesting twist is happening in this season's Big Brother. Eleven house guests went inside the Alice & Wonderland inspired house the other night. They did not know three more were already there earlier, sitting in an upstairs room, watching their every move. Those three house guests are also players. But they are not strangers to some of them. I still am not fully attentive with the show, but let me see if I got the first night's story straight:

Mystery house guest #1 is this guy, Dick. He is about 40+, the oldest in a house full of twenty somethings (just like our own Big Brother!). He's one of the house guests' estranged father and according to him, Danielle has not talked to him in 2 years. He says he has been emailing her but she has not replied to any of his attempts to contact her. Why that is...is the reason for viewers to tune to this show. When the mystery house guests were revealed towards the end of this very first episode, his daughter, all the while very quiet about the twist the host just told them, got up from the couch and went to the rest room and cried. Hmmmmm...

Mystery house guest #2 is this blonde lady, Jessica. I'm getting a Paris Hilton vibe from her, how she talks annoys me. She is in the house to challenger her rival, her childhood friend (or ex-friend), Carol. They used to be super close (as in BFF!) but had a falling out, obviously. Paris Hilton clone says ex-BFF borrowed $5 from her when they were 14 and never paid back. She also noticed there's a ring on her BFF's finger....and was surprised because "She's not loyal!" When Jessica came out of the upstairs room to reveal herself to the 11 other house guests, Carol just looked at her smugly. Raaaaaawrrrrr!

Mystery house guest #3 is Dustin. And he is gay. So is his ex-boyfriend, Joe. Dustin says Joe is really manipulative....and has ginormous nipples. Haha! I love gay men on reality TV, what comes out of their mouth always makes me laugh. Anyway, before the mystery house guests were revealed, the hosts already told the 11 they were gonna meet people from their past. Joe immediately assumes his is going to be Dustin. And then proceeds to tell everyone why he hates Dustin so much --- he gave him gonorrhea! And Joe was sure it was him because he has not been sleeping with anybody else. He told everyone that on Day 1!!! And he also asked the 11 of them to boot out the mystery guests immediately. (In BB USA, it's the house guests who choose who to evict). When it was time to meet the mystery guests, Joe gave Dustin the cold treatment, when Dustin extended his hand. I think I'm gonna go with Team Dustin in this fight.

In addition to this conflict, Big Brother has brought in this guy:

This is the very first time the show is doing this. Why he is America's player is for this reason: he will make his nominations or votes based on what the American public tells him. His sort of the representative of all those forumers and bloggers who think they can strategize/decide on things inside the house better. LOL! If the public wants so and so booted, he will vote for that person. He is America's lapdog. Every time Eric succeeds at this task, as ordered to him by America, he wins $10,000. What if America wants him booted out?

Eric is someone I would watch in this show...because he's funny:

I dunno who they're talking about, but apparently Eric was the first Jewish person that several people had met.

Somebody asked if he brought his yarmulke.

According to Dick, Eric's response was, "No, did you bring your Christmas tree?"

---- from a live feed account.

Seems like an interesting first day.....

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