05 July 2007

Product Placements

Please excuse all these ads you see in my blog. I'm trying to get the feel of how this "monetizing your blog" can be beneficial to me.

There's a part of me that is against capitalism and opportunism. And there is a lot of that on the internet. Ads are not fun to see (unless it's a really entertaining TV commercial!) ... and some ads scream on the webpage, it can be annoying.

But then, there's this other part of me, my more practical side, that says I should be making productive time with my browsing the internet. I spend at least 10 hours in it in a day anyway, I could be wasting endless opportunities.

A couple months back, a friend of mine brought this idea to me on paid blogging. I tried it out, began doing it with this group, the makers of the Green Tea mattress (naks, product placement!)

From there, I found myself unearthing the internet for other similar jobs and got another one, with a blog network, writing about a TV show. Today that blog network emailed me to say I've made my earnings for June. And while it is actually quite minimal, meaning I could not depend on my monthly groceries for it (hehe!), seeing something I've done pay-off was already rewarding (naks, pang-Ms. Universe na comment!). By the way, I will make my grocery money on that blog come Fall Season. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!

Since May, I've been doing a lot of reading regarding paid blogging because I find the task quite enjoyable and less stressful, to be honest. Less stressful than content writing, which I've been doing for quite awhile now. With content writing, there are days when I just wanna quit it (coincidentally, today is one of those days!) . I'm currently having a serious bout with the lazy's. My friend calls it brain fry. My other friend kids I need to go to the grammar and language bank and buy me some English words because I've been spent. She's right, I should say.

Anyway, back to blogging....I found out people have been doing this for years. I didn't know! Some of them even bought cars with their blogging money. Now, a brand new car isn't what I need...but you know, this girl has gotta earn her keep, right? I followed some of their tips, did more internet digging and research...and I think I'm doing fine (by my standards) after heeding to blog guru advices in a month's time.

No multi-millionaire aspirations here. Can't also say ikaka-reer ko to. Just doing something productive with my time.

In June, I have earned less than Php 35K (or about $650?) for my online money making ventures (freelance writing, blogging, these ads you see here). For others, that is still quite small. Because they earn thousands in dollars on average. Also, I've not yet been able to convert some of that in cash, haha. There's a waiting period, like getting paid after a quarter or if I've reached their minimum cash-out.

So now, all these things you see on my personal TV blog? Reading up on monetizing gave me some insights. I'm a bit wary of turning my beloved TV addiction/hobby into a money making machine (because then I would not enjoy it) so I've been careful not to go crazy doing it for this site.

You'll tell me if it's too much?

Alright, gotta split. I actually have a deadline to meet and I was just dilly-dallying since I'm already uninspired with my current topic assignments....I.Don't. Wanna. Write. About. Friggin' Drug Abuse. Anymore. LOL!