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11 July 2007

Big Brother 8 USA - Jen cries over her photo

Day 2 in the Big Brother House (USA)....

The following scene is sooo ridiculous, I'm pretty sure thousands of viewers are already annoyed with her (Jen).

I am.

Jen cries over the picture of her that BB staffers placed in their wall of shame . As Joe, one of the other house guests said in the diary room confession --- it's like somebody has died.

And it was all because she thought it was the ugliest picture of her ever.

Coz apparently, this is how photos of her must look like:

And this is what is on the Big Brother Wall:

"Everyone else's picture is really good. Mine is horrible. [sniff] I just wanna stay here till they change it. Can I rip it off the wall? Is that possible?"

That segment in this video. Watch! Watch! Watch!

What's equally annoying is that other house guest, Jessica, who talks like a ditsy college kid. So much like Paris Hilton!

I am liking the mix of this current batch, they are mostly stupid...which means tons of entertainment for me.

Photos from the Survivor Sucks forum.

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