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07 November 2007

With the strike in progress, I'm playing catch up!

I'm setting up my gameplan now, since it seems television is really in for a shorter season (on account of The Strike). But I'd be glad to be mistaken about that. I sure hope I am mistaken and it's all mended by Friday or something.

I frankly lost my drive to watch remaining episodes that are still airing and I'm now overtaken with excitement over what shows I can catch up on.

I've began reading actual novels again. ABNKKBSPPLA-ko! :D It's something I badly need to get back to, for.... you know, sharpening the thought process. And I'm starting to pile on movies.

But for my beloved television...where do I start playing catch up?
  • Earlier, I mentioned finishing up on Supernatural, Brotherhood, Felicity and BSG.
  • I'm still good with BBC's Robin Hood, which is running its 2nd season. It ain't great though. But I'll take anything.
  • I'd like to check Debra Messing's The Starter's Wife. It's short and it's nasty, therefore it's perfect for tiding away what would have to be a nearly empty 2007-2008 season. Whoot-whoot!
  • Maybe I need to catch up on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Saw parts of Season 3 on cable with Danny DeVito in it, but I couldn't keep the 9ish schedule and wasn't able to religiously tune to it.
  • I think I'll give Big Love a try....not fond of Bill Paxton, not fond of polygamy as its premise. But it's currently the only good thing on HBO, so...yeah, why not?
  • What great timing, too! Amazon.Com is having a huge TV DVD Sale! $19.99 for Millenium! $9.99 for The Loop! Yummy!
Can you recommend me more? Books, movies, anything?

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