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08 November 2007

Just checking: The Pacific

What is up with The Pacific, a TV mini-series I'm anticipating in 2009? Checked IMDb and found that they are already filming it in Wonga Beach in Australia, and the cast line-up is almost full. Look it ----> The Pacific.

The Pacific is a team collaboration between Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, following their successful partnership in HBO's Band Of Brothers (which I really, really want to watch for the nth time one of these days!) in 2001. The mini-series is set in Asia World War 2, with a possible Philippine mention (and Filipino cast/characters) of course! So it's something I'm very excited about. The IMDb link mentions a character named "Manila", in fact. Will we see them re-enact McArthur's famous, "I shall return?"

Oooh, am getting goosebumps.

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