08 May 2008

Addison finds love in Season 2 of Private Practice

David Sutcliffe is best known for his role as Rory's daddy on Gilmore Girls (never saw this show completely, I know I should...one day I will!). But Private Practice viewers should recall he also appeared on the Grey's Anatomy spin-off as guest.

He tried to date Addie and nothing happened. But he will be back to woo Addie in Private Practice Season 2.

11 episode guest stint, The Hollywood Reporter says:

David Sutcliffe will return to ABC's "Private Practice." Sutcliffe, who guest starred on the medical drama in the fall, will appear in 11 episodes next season, reprising his role as Officer Kevin Nelson, a new love interest for Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). He is repped by WMA and Robert Stein Management.
I remember David Sutcliffe on Friends. He dated Phoebe, while his ex-wife dated Ross.

I also remember him in this old series from 2003 called I'm With Her. It had that Notting Hill vibe to it and was based on Brooke Shield's life (ordinary guy meets a superstar). Too bad it only ran for one season.

Now, this is something to look forward to on Private Practice. Wasn't so excited then. I am now. Addie finds a new love!