24 May 2008

Finale Watch: Ugly Betty

I was enjoying Ugly Betty's second season up until it was cut short by the strike. When it returned, suddenly it wasn't as fun anymore. When they decided to give more attention to Betty's storyline, my least favorite actually, it lost it's mojo. Back from the strike, I saw less and less of Marc and Amanda together. I saw less of Christina and the rest. Of course they would have to go with Betty, the show is about her in the first place.

Still, some things are working for me. Like Claire Mead. Like Hilda's New Romance. Like Gio.

- Like Claire Mead. Love her. Loved her last scene at the end of this season...a look of disapproval that also says "I know I'm sometimes not sober. But mothers know best and you're making a big mistake" to her daughter, Alexis, who was celebrating a Mode victory with Wilhelmina and the staff. Yep, I got all that from this look:

- Like Hilda's new romance. Actually, everything about Hilda, I like. Hers is probably the story that touched me more than Betty's. Can she have her own show?

- Like Gio. The one thing bearable about watching what's going to happen to Betty next is Gio. Eeepp! Boyfriend Material!

On that note, here's what I think about this Gio-Betty-Henry triangle ---- I'm hoping she picks no one. I'm hoping Betty doesn't choose to go to Rome with Gio (though keep him on the show) or choose to move to Tulsa and marry Henry (they can lose this guy, it won't matter). This short season has truncated story developments like all the rest of the shows that have aired, the timing of it all isn't right.

Let Betty build a career (wasn't this the season premiere's story?), have her interact more with people at work like Marc, Mandy, Willie and even Daniel, the show works best when everyone's there. Don't turn this one into a sappy love story, yet...but yes, string Gio along for eyecandy.