14 May 2008

Finale Watch: Samantha Who?

It did not feel like a season finale because there was less fun fare; yet it did not fail to make me chuckle, even for just a tiny bit. This cute comedy, with its cutesy characters, nicely wrapped up and closed their first season. It ended with Sam surpassing her first year after the amnesia (which is why on her birthday cake, you'd find "1" instead of her actual age) and then hints of truly starting over. She has no job, so she will probably get a new one in Season 2. She and Todd are going back to getting to know each other, so it's just like falling in love the first time.

What I hope to see in Season 2 --- more of Samantha, Andrea and Deanna together because they bring the funniest scenes.

I'll miss this one and will be looking forward to its return in September.