05 May 2008

Brothers and Sisters S2 E15 Moral Hazard

I know squat about money matters, especially the one that besiege the Walker clan. So that part of the drama in tonight's episode or Brothers and Sisters whizzed by me. I did not understand nor am I planning to understand how the company suddenly owes the bank money and how callous Tommy or Holly can get, or if they are indeed that, or if they're only good business people. Which is why, I can never be a good business woman.

But I am a devoted mother and a dutiful daughter who, in my youth, made a big mistake and caused big disappointments for both me and my mom. She was disappointed at me as I was at her. That was the point I realized --- we are equally grown-ups now, with grown-up problems.

I also said things to her which I regretted saying. And that's why I relate to this (video clip below). Unlike the storyline, I'm not adopted nor anyone's bastard child (that I know haha). I just relate to the mother-daughter conflict. :) This one's an early Mother's Day remembrance, for every kind of mother there is ---

Everyone I know watching Brothers and Sisters regularly would want to be adopted into this family. Is it sad we want to be part of this family's dysfunction or is it human nature?

Elsewhere on Brothers and Sisters ---
  • Saul comes out of the closet.
  • Kevin proposes to his boyfriend Scott for real.
  • Justin confesses to his brother, Kevin, that he has romantic feelings for his half-sister, Rebecca.
  • Kevin freaks and shrieks. He's so cute.
  • Then Rebecca confesses to Justin she isn't really their sister.
  • Justin gets angry.
  • There was little of Kitty and Robert tonight. She's ovulating, they try to make a baby. She's "marinating" for 30 minutes --- which means doing this below for the egg and sperm to fertilize:

That's a nice image, Calista.