24 May 2008

Finale Watch: Grey's Anatomy

When the writers said, "It all ends with a kiss", I should've taken that in its literal sense. Grey's Anatomy's season ender had plenty of those kisses and more.

Chief and Adele (wife), Callie & Hahn, Alex and Izzy, George and Lexie, MerDer

I guess, really, for this show? It can never have too many kisses. I think that if they would be able to find a story for Bailey and Sloane, they would kiss, too!

There is no question, this whole season didn't favor TV shows too well (with the exception of the fantastic Lost series!) and Grey's Anatomy had already been struggling since Season 3. But given the factors, the finale nicely wrapped up each character's story:

Meredith has a breakthrough professionally and personally. She finally saved a critical patient's life after 12 deaths, with Derek's help. And she discovers what needs to be fixed in her life. Mer grows up. Her shrink is good and she looks a lot like Mer's mother, no?

Christina gets her bite back. She's not only going to become the best resident, she's working at becoming a better teacher to the interns.

Alex and Izzie, they share a desperate kiss. And yeah, at one point he called her a bitch. Alex is going through something that reminded him of his traumatic childhood. It gave his character depth. It gave Alex and Izzie a chance to reunite again, albeit an unlikely circumstance. Alex needs to book sessions with Mer's shrink. Seriously.

Izzie is going to head the clinic. Bailey is giving it up and giving more time to her family and surgery.

Callie realizes she likes her friend, Erica. I'm not jumping on the ship for this one yet. Not for anything --- I just don't see that kind of chemistry for these two.

George did not pass his internship by one point. And he whines to the Chief. I don't like George at all. His kiss with Lexie was innocent and it looks like something will happen to them next season. I should not be wondering how quick these characters fall in and out of love.

Sloan....just stood there. :P

The ending looked optimistic. It had none of that shock and awe the show loves to deliver. MerDer are finally going to try being together again. But at the same time, it leaves me with some doubts something will happen to Derrick at the start of Season 5 based on the final scene.

This one's at least right on track. Slow and steady next season, please.