26 May 2008

I need a good laugh!

Last Comic Standing is back for a sixth season! The judges are tougher this time. And there's not just three in the panel; they've got several comedians judging on rotation --- like the cast of The Office, Janitor from Scrubs, and other seasoned stand-up comics. Getting through the next rounds look pretty tough.

The ones that did qualify in the first episode weren't all that funny, if I base this from the previous seasons. I was only able to pick two favorites: Dan Naturman (who almost made it to the finals before) and Louis Ramey.

Last Comic Standing is a contest that's done like American Idol, where viewers get to vote who is the best. But unlike American Idol (in some ways), the show isn't after raw, undiscovered talent. In fact most of those who join the contest are quite popular in the comedy circuit and have appeared on TV before:

Take a look at my favorites so far...Dan and Louis:

I'm rooting for them to get through the finals. I'd love to see a showdown that's going to leave me "rolling on the floor, laughing."

And while I'm on the subject of something funny... have you seen this? I think I've played this video a dozen times today, it never fails!