07 May 2008

A stressful Wednesday and yesterday's comedies...

Heyi-ho! I hate to open this entry with a rant, but here I go... I don't think I've ever said this but I hate Wednesdays. Oh, wait...maybe I did. The way I rant and complain about the littlest things? I probably did already say I hate Wednesdays.

I work tons of jobs, plus I work at home, without a maid. So I keep two hats on. Sometimes three, sometimes four.

The most important of my work is this fambiz (family business) I have to oversee one-two days a week. And Wednesdays happen to be the most important day for it --- paperwork, phone calls, follow-ups, yadda yadda. All on Wednesdays.

Which means, I would have little time to do other things. Like my other jobs or like watching my shows.

It's a good thing I've only got American Idol to tune to on a Wednesday. Imagine if this were a regular TV season.

Today has been especially stressful and I won't have to bore you with the details but let's just say I hope it's Thursday already. Or Friday. Or the weekend. I just hate Wednesdays!

Anyway, yesterday was Comedy Monday (Tuesday, really.... since we're a day ahead than the States). I tuned to Two and A Half Men out of curiosity. They did a CSI Crossover. I'm not a regular viewer of the show. No need to wonder why ---- it sucks! And I'm gonna watch CSI this week (when I don't really follow this show that well anymore) just to satisfy my curiosity.

The Big Bang Theory this week featured Sheldon's gorgeous fraternal Twin Sister. Who would've thought they'd come from the same egg? And the boys treated her like a goddess, they made a fool of themselves.

Samantha Who? was a riot. She rounded up her gal pals and stalked her mom, who she suspected was having an affair, which wasn't the case. On the other hand, Sam is actually having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. Ooooh. Bad, Sammy!

Sarah Chalke was back on How I Met Your Mother. She really has grown as an actress over the years, (I'm currently re-watching her other show, Scrubs Season 2, as well). Her comedic timing is flawless. Barney, meanwhile, is looking for a new wingman since he and Ted had a falling out. His new wingman is that guy from SNL and he's brilliant. Watch:

House abducted his favorite daytime soap opera star upon suspicion he's sick and probably dying. House of course is right and they save his life. I love the fact that House is so addicted to his TV shows. Just like me.

So, okay...that's it for now.

It's still a Wednesday, the day's not done. I've still got work to finish. Ugh.

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