23 May 2008

Quick shorts....

- I will be watching So You Think You Can Dance for the first time ever. Is this show somewhere on cable TV? I'm going to begin with the latest season, the fourth one? What have I got to expect?
- We are going to have a Reaper marathon soon. Tried watching this one a few times at the start of the season. Not much impressed. Dropped it from my list. Caught an episode I didn't see on S23. Huh. Kinda liked it. Now getting back on board upon the hubby's insistence.
- Tuning in for the TV special, Recount. This one, I can't wait to see.
- Also anticipating? In Plain Sight. Girl kicks ass. Whoo.
In Plain Sight - an hour-long drama that revolves around Mary Shannon (Mary McCormack), a tough, sexy US Marshal who works for the Federal Witness Protection Program. While many of the witnesses under her care are high-maintenance career criminals, some are just innocent people who had the misfortune of witnessing a crime or falling victim to one

I didn't think I'd have something interesting to watch this time of the year. Now, bring on the Summer Shows, I'm ready!!!

- Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty finale watch entries tomorrow.
- Lost's final 2 hours next week ---- it's a TV epic!