12 May 2008

Finale Watch: Brothers and Sisters

Rebecca: First I found out that I have this family that I never even knew existed and then suddenly, I don't. But then, it turns out that I do. Because by some miracle, you're all still willing to accept me. And I can't help but wonder...what if, in all of this insanity...it was all just a way to meet...you.

I had a huge smile on my face at the end of Brothers and Sisters (Season 2). Suddenly, it did not feel icky anymore. I think I'm ready to accept it. I know she will be a legitimate Walker by end of Season 3. I hear wedding bells for these two.

The bonding ritual/commitment ceremony was promoted as the very first same-sex American union on network television. It was beautiful and very real, like the actors were themselves nervous about it too.

Uncle Saul, moved by the ceremony he just witnessed, comes out to his nephew and nieces. Got the shock of their life. Justin exclaims --- "My God. This is like the gayest week of my life". The look on their faces? Priceless.

With Rebecca de-Walker-ed, it appears there is less family friction. But the show leaves us with a cliffhanger about another Walker sibling...a guy named Ryan; which we'll learn more in Season 3. The cast and crew are currently shooting this, but no information on who will play the newly discovered brother has been released. I hope he's trouble. I hope he drives the Walkers crazy.

Season 3 will not air until September. But SpoilerTV already has the episode titles for it:
  • S3 E1 - Glass Houses
  • S3 E2 - Book Burning
  • S3 E3 - Tug of War