21 May 2008

Finale Watch: How I Met Your Mother

The good news is, How I Met Your Mother has been renewed for another season (fourth). The not so good news? We're left hanging for a while, as the show ends its third year run this week.

Will Stella say yes to Ted's marriage proposal? Is she really Mother? Is Sarah Chalke going to be a permanent part of the cast and juggle between the last season of Scrubs and this? The show's creators have actually prepared two solutions to the cliffhanger, and they still do not know which one they're using come season 4's premiere.

Ted gets into a minor accident, his life is flashing before him and suddenly he see where he wants to be. In a separate incident and actually as a consequence of Ted's accident, Barney gets hit by a bus and he too, realizes who he wants to be with. Things are going to change for these two in the next season. And yes, even for Robin (although she has no idea yet). Which leaves Lily and Marshall...with no exciting storyline to look forward to.

No thanks to the strike, HIMYM's season ender felt a bit crammed with too little plot development. It also wasn't a funny episode...the show hadn't been for a while. I would've wanted more stories in order to invest into the romance between Ted and Stella. As a fan of the show, I'm still not convinced this relationship will last, and yes...the marriage proposal is premature. But then, I have no reason to complain since it is coming back next season, Stella or no Stella.