08 May 2008

Another look at the Greeks

Greek - Chapter One

I don't think I've talked about Greek all that much, do I? It's this series about sorority and fraternity life on ABC Family. It's one of my guilty pleasures because at almost 35, I'm not supposed to be proud of the fact that I watch a teen series; my friends would look at me funny. (Although, look at me --- I enjoy Grey's Anatomy and the characters there act as pubescent as they come!)

But that's just it --- Greek is nothing like a typical teen show to me. I expected characters to be superficial, me-centric and overly dramatic. And well, they are. But that's what makes the show so...cute. Their flaws are exposed. Kids don't pretend to be righteous adults here. Although one character does (Dale) and he's supposed to be annoying. The actor plays him perfectly!

Learn more about this series via this video: