10 May 2008


Make sure to check this blog or any of my other TV blogs (above) this week. It's the upfronts! This is the week when broadcast networks make announcements and confirmations of programs airing in the coming Fall Season....for the benefit of advertisers really, more than anything.

The schedule:
  • Day 1, May 12 - NBC Announcements
  • Day 2, May 13 - ABC Announcements (AM), The CW Announcements (PM)
  • Day 3, May 14 - CBS Announcements
  • Day 4, May 15 - FOX Announcements
* USA time.

What show is staying? What show is moving? What show is not coming back? And what new shows are we expected to tune to by September?

We'll know it this coming week.

Wheee for TV.

Although, this is a downer. I pray to the TV gods an Actors Strike doesn't happen!