28 May 2008

Slowing down...

I wrote about my "going blind" at Multiply, so I had to take a little break from using the computer or watching TV. Had to cut back. Just a little bit. Like 10%. Hah. So, the only show I saw today was David Cook on Ellen and HBO's Recount. There's nothing good on anyway.

DAVID COOK ON ELLEN: Cookie, he was wonderful. Loved the song he sang. Not quite a good interview though. I sense there's no energy there, nothing clicking between the interviewer and the interviewee. Maybe they were both tired and sleepy? If you missed it, there's always YouTube, see:

And someone should tell him --- he's committing career suicide #1!

RECOUNT: Recount was booooooooooooooooring. I don't know what I was expecting. I was being silly thinking it would be as exciting as 24. The trailer looked like it was something to watch for, but it wasn't. Or maybe real-life politics just really bore me. But for my sake, I wanted to watch it so I'll learn something. I ended up keeping the program on, in the background, with me doing something else. Like giving myself a pedicure.

Hey, it's LOST SEASON FINALE!!! Thursday (US) and I just really have to shout that out because I know it's going to be THE. BEST. EVAHHH! I'm actually punching my keyboard so hard from all the excitement.