15 May 2008

Scrubs New Chief: Jen Garner or John Cusack?

I can't choose coz I like Jen Garner, I think she makes a great comedian. And John Cusack is my obsession.

Although, there's little possibility in John doing TV. He's never done it, has he? I've been hearing of him appearing on Scrubs since Season 3 as he is cozy and buddies with John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) but it has never happened.

Jennifer, on the other hand...Scrubs and the Felicity cast? Some connection. They had Scott Foley before (playing Elliot's boyfriend), Keri Russell (playing Elliot's sorority sister) and of course, Donald Faison (Turk).

So, who would you pick to take Dr. Kelso's place?

Bubba: Will Dr. Kelso be returning to Sacred Heart Hospital next year when Scrubs moves to ABC?

Word on the street is that Kelso will be appearing now and again while on his retirement at home, but that they will bring in a new chief to run the Scrubs hospital

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