14 May 2008

Upfront Updates

Friday Night Lights UpfrontsThe upfronts are underway. Today is the third day, if I'm not mistaken.

NBC had it's early upfronts three weeks ago, so their schedule has been set quite awhile, along with a few surprises.

ABC had theirs yesterday and their schedule pretty much kept all current shows where they are. There's little to do when things are working very well for you. If ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

CW also had theirs and announced 1) the cancellation of Aliens in America, 2) renewal for Reaper and 3) pick up for Beverly Hills 90210 spin-off.

Gossip Girl Cast UpfrontsThe upfronts is ongoing (CBS and Fox up next). Here's a list of sites where you can keep track of what shows are gone or what show is staying. And what you should watch for next season:

LA Times Showtracker - STAYING
LA Times Showtracker - GONE - Going, going, gone! Some shows on the list included --- Miss Guided (noo!), Women's Murder Club, Moonlight, Shark, Back To You, Cashmere Mafia (mwahahah!) etcetera...
The Futon Critic
Zap2It Fall TV Preview

Conan mocks the upfront. FUNNY!