19 May 2008

HIMYM Scoop!

I've been watching How I Met Your Mother since season 1 and did not know that Robin's co-anchor at work as a news reporter, is the real-life husband of Allyson Hannigan (Lily) and that they've been together for years!

There's a bit of trivia for you, too. Did you know?

Anyway, How I Met Your Mother's season finale is this week. Here's the dish from Korbi on what's up with the last episode for this season:

At the end of the episode in which Ted finds out about Robin and Barney's hook up, there was a great little cliffhanger moment where the narrator says, oh wait, Aunt Robin wasn’t living in my apartment on my 30th birthday, that was the year after. Can you shed any more light on this tease?
That was playing around with the fact that this is a guy who is telling the story so many years in the future, and he jumbles it up in his memory a little bit. He can be an unreliable narrator. I can say that [that tease] is exactly what it sounds like. Robin and Ted will live together at some point in the future. He’s misremembering the chronology of the story, but it’s pretty explicitly stated there. That was sort of a sneak peek. I don’t want to say how or why or under what circumstances it happens, but we like the idea that our show can do things like that, have this [narrator] kind of get the chronology wrong and accidentally tease forward to new dynamics that we plan to get to in the future. We’re happy to have a season four to be able to execute all these plans.

Will we learn more about Ted and Robin living together in the finale?
That specific thing, you’ll have to watch next season to learn more about. People will enjoy the finale in terms of the Barney and Ted and the Barney and Robin stuff. That’s the main focus and a lot of events shift around in their lives quite a bit. I’m very glad we have a pickup because we’re going to be weaving a lot of interesting questions into the finale and it would have really sucked to not be able to pick up on that.

So it’s cliffhanger-ish?
Yeah. It’s probably our cliffhangeriest episode ever.

We must chat about Sarah Chalke, because she’s been so awesome as Ted's new girlfriend, Stella. I know she’s back for the finale, but will we definitely see her next year?
We don’t have anything in writing, but we’re working on it right now. We have a few different thoughts in mind moving forward, depending on her availability and logistics. Our plan and our desire is to see quite a bit more of her. We thought she was fantastic on the show and definitely part of why our back nine sort of elevated the whole season.