02 May 2008

American Idol: Top 5 Brooke White

My girl Brooke is gone. :( Just as well, since her nerves are starting to get the best of her. The girl cries about everything! She is a drama queen, alright. But I didn't get sick of it. I saw her for who she is --- a frail, emotional but lovely woman. (Don't get too darn close to Paula, Brooke. You're susceptible!)

I actually liked her final performance. Brooke and I are the same flavor --- Vanilla. Plain, simple. :P

Of the Top 12, I can surely say that if Brooke has a CD out, I'd be buying it. Hers, David Cook's and Jason Castro's.

What I can't believe though? Syesha outlasting every woman this season. If you had told me a couple of weeks back this was going to happen, I would've really laughed and mocked you, gave you a dollar and tell you to sit next to Paula.

This sure was a weird week.

Sidebar note: Wrote about the Paula incident in my other TV Blog.

Boot order predictions:
12 to 7 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
- BOOT: MARCH 26th
Kristy Lee - BOOT: APRIL 168th
- BOOT: MARCH 18th

6 to 1 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
Carly S. - BOOT: April 23rd
David H. - BOOT: MARCH 12th
Brooke. - BOOT: MAY 1st
Michael - BOOT: APRIL 10th
David C.
David A.