21 May 2008

In this boxing match, who really won? The David vs David Analysis

In the left corner: David Cook
  • will dub him as the American Idol "alternative contestant", an idol maverick if you will; because no one was like him on the show, for the first time ever. His style wasn't molded from joining singing contests.
  • risk-taker, bordered on "obscure performances" so judges called him "original"
  • rock-star cool demeanor, but super sensitive inside ...women so dig that.
  • has an interesting past as a high school musical type...who would've thought the "rocker" was into this?
  • singing strategy: sultry; pulling the notes for a big build up at the end...women dig that, too.
  • was known to have said this contest was about "progressing" and he did show progress --- see: style and fashion sense
  • appears to not have compromised his musical style for Idol celebrity stardom.
In the right corner: David Archuleta
  • was considered the front-runner early on; early favorite pick
  • oozing with natural talent and crystal clear vocal quality
  • a singing contest veteran who already knows what works or not
  • can move young girls and their grandma to tears with his song rendition
  • innocent-looking and cute, Paula wants to put him in her pocket; so do many girls.
  • singing strategy: slow ballads showcasing his technically perfect range
  • so young and naive, record producers will have a ball molding him to whatever they want him to be; and because he's an eager learner he'll let 'em.
Based on tonight's performance? It was Archuleta who fought hard enough to deserve the title. Based on the whole season? David Cook should win it.

Based on voice quality? Archie. Based on stage presence and performance? Cookie.

Technically sound? Archie. Consistency? Cookie.

Which of the two was the most relaxed performing tonight? Cookie. Archie looked like he was minutes away from breaking down on stage, the poor kid.

And what is up with those time-traveling judges? Paula a few weeks ago saw the future. Randy tonight said it was 2007. Randy was clearly sipping from Paula's bottle. Seacrest too. His pupils look dilated. And Simon was so playing his corporate puppy card. Of course he wants people to vote and vote like crazy. So he disses the person he actually thought would win. He's no corporate executive, music mogul, reality show producer for nothing.

But who is actually winning?


Who else could be winning?

Record producers.

Two great singers each. Two different fan base. One who makes young kids swoon, another for hormonal thirty-somethings like me.

They've got all age bracket covered. Who cares about the final crown?

Tomorrow I'm just going to enjoy the show immensely, whoever's the David who wins it.