21 May 2008

Finale Watch: House, MD

Confession: everytime House's theme song comes up...I get misty-eyed. That's how emotionally connected I am to the show. I bring this up because, as you've probably read or heard by now, House's season ender left a lot of us shell-shocked and in tears.

Was I expecting Amber to die? In a way, yes. What I wasn't expecting were those moments that took place before she died...

Some quarters are saying this is an Emmy moment. I'm suddenly happy for Anne Dudek. (Here's another trivia for you --- she was Precious, Mike Hannigan's girlfriend after Phoebe, on Friends!)

I'm not going to speculate on what is going to happen between Wilson and House next season. But I'm certain repairing their friendship will be rough. He was the cause of Wilson's girlfriend's death, that's not something easy to get over. For House's part --- that guilt is not easy to carry.

And for my sake, I've got to read about what Amantadine does to the body!

Next season, House comes back with a new cast member. Read all about it here.