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21 June 2007


Great stuff, this Meadowlands.

It is surrounded in mystery, on the strange... as if there is not enough of that on TV these days. I don't know though why this show has pulled me in. Because I kinda liked it. Maybe it is the accents. Meadowlands is a British show.

I didn't realize what it was all about right away. I only got a clue towards the last few minutes of the first episode....when the leading man said it so. (Haha, hina ng pick-up!)

There are all hiding away from something, someone. And Meadowlands is a place where people are brought to safety, as part of a Witness Protection Program.

A voice in my head kept asking "Why?" as I watched the first episode. I tell you, not since Lost Season 1 has my mind been that stimulated or curious. But unlike Lost, Meadowlands does not carry a complicated intertwining back story. It is not even a fresh idea as many who have seen this have likened this to Twin Peaks.

But I am hooked. Especially after seeing previews of the next episode where someone was able to penetrate Meadowlands and is after one witness. *curiosity heightened!*

For more of the show, click this. Or watch below:

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